Case stories

DF 1400 WRRD

Wash – Rinse – Rinse – Drying

– Closed zones
– Step carriage of parts

This tunnel washer consists of 4 zones – washing, rinsing, rinsing and drying. All zones are enclosed via pneumatically controlled doors. When an item arrives at the inlet, all the doors open and the item then taps into the washing zone. Once the item is completely into the washing zone, all the doors close and the washing process starts. When the washing process is finished, the doors open, and the workpiece now taps into the first rinsing zone, as well as taps a new workpiece into the washing zone, etc.

DC 1040 WRD

Wash – Rinse – Drying

– Feeds at inlet
– Conveyor belt with weight sensor at outlet

This Drum Washer consists of 3 zones, washing, rinsing and drying. At the inlet, a feeder is fitted, which feeds the system with items. At the outlet of the plant, there is a conveyor belt with weight sensor, where the items can fall into a box, and be transported further when the box is filled up with a given weight.

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