Cleentek sharpens the chemistry profile

Cleentek vil give kunderne større indflydelse på sammensætningen af kemi ved at lancere et helt nyt produktprogram i eget navn


Cleentek begins the fall with an order boom

The industrial washing plants from Vejleproducenten are in high demand this autumn


Vejle company constructs record-long conveyor washer for the automotive industry

A 12.5-meter automation system, one of the longest systems Cleentek has ever designed


Cleentek sees great potential in hospitals: First order delivered to Norway

The Vejle manufacturer is looking into a new business area with the delivery of a specially designed washing system for hospital equipment. The solution has just been put into operation in Norway, and the German market is already showing interest.


Automated washing solutions need more space: Cleentek is building new facilities

Many orders for drum and tunnel washers from the metal and aluminum industry as well as greater demand for the new business area ultrasonic washing plant have increased the need for more square meters at the company Cleentek, which is housed at the parent company Hesø on Pottemagervej in Vejle.

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