The DF-series – is available in a variety of versions to form its own family in the Cleentek range. The machines have a vertical front door, and the machine cleans components through use of an efficient rotating wash system. The DF-series is specially designed for the cleaning of large components with weights of up to 2000 kg. and lengths of up to 2000 mm.

Operation of the machine

The parts to be cleaned are sprayed with a high flow via the spray bars, which are rotated either by spray pressure or a mechanical drive. The spray bars are mounted with flat pattern nozzles, which provide efficient cleaning results. The machines are fully insulated with stainless steel panels and therefore the wash water can be heated up to 90°C. Normal working temperature is from 50 – 65°C.

Design and user-friendliness

The DF-series machines have a compact and simple design. Operation of the machine is via the very easy-to-use Vision 2000/3000 touch control panel. We have focused on ensuring that no special skills are required to use the machine. Therefore, the control panel on the front of the machine is just as simple as the rest of the machine’s design.


The DF machines are equipped with Vision 2000/3000 control. In practice this means that the control panel consists of a practical soft touch panel with a digital display. The Vision control enables to regulate the temperature and the process times for the wash programme, which can be interrupted at any time and then restarted as required. You can also read possible error messages from the machine via the digital display.

In order to specify the machine so that is suited to your application, you can choose from a wide variety of optional extra equipment.




DF 700

DF 1000

DF 1300

DF 1600

DF 2000

Cleaning area

Ø700 mm

Ø1000 mm

Ø1300 mm

Ø1600 mm

Ø2000 mm

Cleaning height

450 mm

700 mm

1050 mm

1200 mm

1400 mm

Machine width

1020 mm

1410 mm

1690 mm

2090 mm

2400 mm

Machine length

1260 mm

1650 mm

1920 mm

2320 mm

2800 mm

Machine height - Open

2300 mm

2630 mm

3550 mm

3850 mm

4300 mm

Machine weight

300 kg

500 kg

750 kg

1475 kg

1850 kg

Max. load

300 kg

500 kg

500 kg

1000 kg

1000 kg

Tank capacity

200 liter

500 liter

600 liter

950 liter

1500 liter








NM 25/160 AE

NM 25/20 AE

NM 40/16 AE

NM 40/20 BE

NM 40/20 AE

Pump capacity

160 l/min

220 l/min

350 l/min

550 l/min

700 l/min

Pressure / Amount of A-nozzels

3 bar / 40 pcs

4,5 bar / 46 pcs

4 bar / 72 pcs

4 bar / 80 pcs

4 bar / 104 pcs


9 kW

9 kW

18 kW

27 kW

36 kW

*The systems are also available in double width

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