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Inadequate or poor cleaning of items for industrial production typically significantly reduces the service life of the product of which the item is to be a part. This means that many manufacturers place great demands on the purity of the items they receive, which must be included in a total production. It can be an item for use in an engine, where the requirement you meet can e.g. be that there must be a maximum of 5 particles of 50 my and 100 particles of 100 my on the subject, where you must also be able to document what the particles consist of. The purity requirement can be defined in ISO standards.

It can be difficult even for professionals to get the right ratio between item type, washing, rinsing, drying and soap. The consequence of incorrect washing may be that you see dark stains on metal that would otherwise have had a shiny surface, or that there are shavings on the item when it has been finished. In either case, it could mean a lost production, or additional finishing that costs money.

The challenge of choosing an industrial washing machine is that they cost a lot of money, they take up a lot of space in the product environment, and then they are rarely developed for your needs. Therefore, you may risk buying a solution that is too small or too large. In either case, it can cost a lot of money and inconvenience to get a laundry solution tailored to you.

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